Maria Van De Munckhof NZ 2013 ~ My Yoga Moves

It’s lovely to be here & lovely to meet you ! My name is Maria. I’m lucky to live a happy fulfilling life in (very) rural SouthWest Ireland where I grew up – left for 14 yrs and then returned. I arrived at Motherhood a few years ago and what a turnaround it brought to my life !

Before that I thought I was living my best life – happily married and after finally landing my dream ‘job’ setting up walking trails on the hills of South Co Kerry, Ireland – my first salaried job meant being able to plan holidays to far flung wildernesses at home & abroad and then go off & enjoy them !

Footloose & fancy free you could say.

Yoga always had a place in my approach to life – it has done for the last 14yrs. Then in 2009 with this new salary I decided to commit some more time to professional training to deepen my personal practice & knowledge! This commitment took me on a new adventure and led me to meet some wonderful new yoginis along the way too. I felt very lucky & basically – happy out 🙂

Then my first pregnancy announced itself in my life! I did my Yoga Teaching Diploma exams while pregnant. After a year hiatus of caesarean birth recovery while exclusively breastfeeding and generally living in semi-conscious state that fluctuated between insomnia, exhaustion & high alert – I was asked to teach my first yoga class!

seated sage pose baby belly Myyogamoves

MyYogaMoves Seated Sage Pose with my Baby Belly on the Sand of a County Kerry Beach, Ireland. Sept 2014

Ta-Daaa! The light was turned on. Sharing Yoga (my nerdy passion) with other interested people (95% women) and being able to express this overflowing desire to help & heal through the path of yoga was in fairness an awakening for me! I really love it and so here I am. Writing about it.

I want to share my Simple Yoga Life with you & if you would like to join you are most humbly welcome to this safe and calm place. I intend it to be a space for finding & inspiring the contentment we all can achieve in our everyday lives through the harmony that Yoga offers. Yoga has moved my life in a direction I’m very happy to be in. I wish you the same. xx

PS if you would like to get in touch to join one of my classes – general Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga & Kids Yoga – keep up to date with my regular media musings and class announcements on facebook or feel free to email me directly on myyogamoves@gmail.com


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